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How many contact hours do students study at Creative Academy?

Creative Academy Foundation Degree Dance study for 30 contact hours per week.

Can students undertake ISTD Diploma in Dance Instruction?

BA (Hons) Dance (Top Up) students can undertake the DDI in Modern.  This is not part of the degree and is an additional cost. This qualifiaction is changing and when its validated we will update this.

What techniques are studied alongside the degree modules?

see techniques

How practical is the course?

The course is approximately 20% theory and 80% practical.

How many students does Creative Academy take in its first year intake?

Creative Academy takes up to 20 students in a class

Can I carry on with my ISTD qualifications?

Yes Creative Academy offers Intermediate Foundation to Advanced 2: Imperial Ballet, Modern Theatre and Tap

How much are course fees 2017/18

Creative Academy charges £6,365 per year

"We have applied for designation for these courses from the Department for Education and are waiting for a decision. Until the decision is received we are unable to confirm the availability of student support.”

Does Creative Academy have halls of residence?

No, students come together in August and Creative Academy organises for students to meet one another and meet estate agents to view and rent houses.  Although a facebook page is set up so they can discuss and meet before.

How is Creative Academy different to University?

Creative Academy offers a minimum of 25 more contact hours, 20 more than other University dance courses and has much smaller class sizes.  Creative Academy is embedded within industry and has 'real' partnerships with some of the country's top dance industry professionals.

How many students have gone on to work in the dance industry?

Creative Academy graduates have all gone on to successful performance and teaching careers including cruises, Disneyland, contemporary companies, music videos, music contracts and being signed to dance agencies.

See alumni for examples of their careers.

What facilities does Creative Academy have?

Creative Academy has:

5 fully fitted dance studios

1 gym

180 seat theatre

1 student exclusive dance library

1 student computer and study room Access to chiropractor and counselling

Who are the Creative Academy industry partners?

British Academy of Stage and Screen Combat

Pilates Precision

Rambert Dance Company

Rifco Arts

Rudeye Dance Agency

What Modules are studied on the Foundation Degree and BA (Hons) dance?

16 Modules

See modules

How is Creative Academy different to vocational schools?

Creative Academy offers the same level of training as other CDET vocational schools, however, students gain essential skills to work in the dance industry outside of performance including teaching qualifications, essential dance qualifications and a greater understanding of being a freelancer, business skills and funding. 

What do the graduate students say about Creative Academy?

"First class training" Emilie Osborne


Can I transfer other vocational grades eg. RAD to the ISTD?

RAD and ISTD grades are transferable. However, any other syllabus students will be streamed based on ability.  Only ISTD and RAD grades meet our standard for Ballet.

Can I take outside classes?

Creative Academy encourages students to take as many classes as possible as long as it does not impact on your learning and time at Creative Academy.

Does Creative Academy do outside performances?

Yes. Please see Dance CV on the downloads page.